Good. Better. Wine records!


Rhineland-Palatinate boasts the largest wine festival
What sounds like a provincial autumn market for regional locals is, in fact, by far the largest wine festival in the world. The annual September “Dürkheimer Wurstmarkt” in Rhineland-Palatinate is the place to be for more than 600,000 visitors. The market set a record in 2012 with a tremendous total of 685,000 visitors. For around 30 years, however, there were only 80,000 counted guests. A sufficient performance.


The largest English-style grapevine
Whoever wishes to marvel at the largest vine stock should take a trip to London. More specifically, to Hampton Court Palace. “The Great Vine” was planted here in 1769, and it has produced 300 kilograms of grapes annually ever since. With a trunk, as thick as 3 meters and vines as long as 33 meters, the largest vine stock in the world has really made a name for itself. Also impressive is the 350-year old Versoaln vine in Castle Katzenzungen in Tisens in the Southern Tyrolean region, which is the considered the largest grapevine in the world: the basis for this claim is the 300-square meter leaf canopy.


It thrives on the river bank: the oldest vine stock
In Marburg an der Drau there is a tourist attraction whose age is estimated to be approximately 400 years old. What’s more, it’s called the “Stara Trta” and is considered the oldest vine stock in the world. The vine grows on the left bank of the Drau river and produces approximately 50 kilograms of grapes annually. As experts will proclaim, the quality may be up for argument, but the age is undisputed.


A trip to the world’s biggest wine cellar
The dimensions of this wine cellar turn visitors pale! Anyone that wishes to visit the largest wine cellar in the world must first undertake a 120-km hike through a long tunnel system in Cricova in Moldova. But it certainly pays off. An estimated 1.25 million wine bottles are stored here at a depth of 100 meters. This sight is simply unforgettable.



The biggest wine barrel with an incredible capacity
This attraction is responsible for the felling of 200 fir trees, is 15 meters long, and has a diameter of 13.5 meters, making it the largest wine barrel in the world. It was built in 1934 by the vintner Fritz Keller in Bad Dürkheim. Someone really let the taps flow!


The largest wine theme park and adventure park
True wine fans really get their money’s worth here: In the 13,350 square meter “La Cité du Vin” in Bordeaux, around 450,000 visitors a year discover the world of wine. And in such an unusual way! There are areas with classic displays as well as an exciting water shuttle to take guests to the wine-growing areas. There’s even the opportunity to harvest some grapes yourself. Of course, you cannot leave out the wine tasting. In addition, the shop offers more than 800 wines from 80 different countries.


Steep vineyard, bold achievement
The land of the Bremmer Calmont Vineyard along the Mosel River is inclined at an angle exceeding 65 degrees. The grape pickers probably really built up their calf muscles during the harvesting.