Comparing Nitrogen, Argon and Vacuum Pump Wine Preservers


Differentiating the various wine preservation systems can be a bit confusing. You have voices on all sides claiming one is better than the other and no real clear answers.

Of course we think zzysh® is the best option, but we’d rather have you be the judge. Here is a breakdown of three popular methods of wine preservation.

Vacuum Pump

Different from the inert gasses, a vacuum pump functions by removing oxygen from an open bottle of wine. The idea is you seal the bottle, pump a few times and your wine will stay fresher than just sticking the cork back in.

But for how long?

Though these are probably the most popular wine preservers among households, a lot of wine professionals have their doubts. The fact is, the pump will never be able to remove all of the oxygen inside. Studies have shown that up to 30% of the oxygen inside remains after pumping, leaving the wine quite exposed. They also show that the pumps slowly leak, letting oxygen creep back in and rendering them ineffective.

Beyond the oxygen issues, there is also the theory that pumps not only suck out the air, but also a wine’s vibrance. In the end, only you can be the judge, but we invented zzysh® precisely to avoid any of the above.




Nitrogen, like argon, is an inert gas that gets between the wine and oxygen to preserve your juice.

As 79% of air is nitrogen, it’s much cheaper than argon. However, few systems use only nitrogen, and generally blend it with argon and carbon dioxide. Take Private Preserve for example, which blends the three gasses in a spray can. Other systems hook up a nitrogen tank to a nozzle and insert the gas with a few squirts.


Argon, like nitrogen, is a colourless, odourless gas that blankets a wine to preserve its vibrance.

It is the main ingredient for most professional wine preservation systems on the market. When applied correctly, argon can preserve a wine for months without losing any of its freshness and essence.

So which is best?

Again, nothing in the wine world is set in stone. However, when professionals tend to use argon to preserve their wines, one must take that into consideration.

It seems the glory days for vacuum pumps have come and gone.



What makes zzysh® so great?

zzysh® is by far a more attractive alternative to most nitrogen preservation systems. Its sleek, slim design is enthralling, making you want to open a wine just so you can use it.

zzysh® is also by far more affordable than most other nitrogen or argon preservation systems. Before, you had to be pretty serious about wine to make such an investment, but now the rest of us can savour our wine glass by glass as well.

And lastly, there is zzysh® Champagne, which makes a sparkling wine from weeks ago taste just like it did the day you opened it, bubbles and all! zzysh® Champagne uses carbon dioxide along with argon to make sure a fizz stays fresh until you’re ready to drink it again.

Apart from the preservation system you use, also be sure to keep your opened bottle chilled, as it slows down oxygen’s grip. Even if it’s a red, chill it and then take it out for about an hour before.

So go experiment and decide for yourself. Click the button below to try zzysh® and savour each and every glass.