How does zzysh® Champagne work?


Let the bottles pop! Finally we can preserve Champagne or sparkling wines for weeks without compromising fizz or flavor. All you need is your zzysh® Champagne Preserver and to follow these easy steps.

Leave your spoons and stoppers in the drawer, zzysh® has changed the Champagne game for good. Finally there is a sparkling wine preservation system that works!

So how exactly do you use it?

In three easy steps you can preserve your bubbly with three sleek Swiss innovations. zzysh® Champagne Preserver will have you delighting in crispy bubbles again and again.

Swiss Innovation at its Finest

What are the three things you need to keep your fizz fresh?

    1. zzysh® Champagne Stopper – Fitting nearly every type of sparkling wine bottle, this revolutionary stopper will 100 percent prevent oxygen from entering. And the clamps will make sure it stays on nice and secure.
    1. zzysh® Hand Piece – A gorgeous design that you can take anywhere and everywhere.


  1. zzysh® Champagne Cartridge – Slightly different from our zzysh® Wine Cartridges, these cartridges contain carbon dioxide in addition to the 100 percent food-grade argon gas, which is key to maintaining pressure. It also immediately prevents changes in color, aroma and taste. One cartridge can preserve up to four open bottles.

These three components work in harmony to create a revolutionary sparkling wine preservation system.


Three Easy Steps

First and foremost, cheers! You’ve opened a bottle of bubbles and that’s something worth clinking glasses to, be it a normal day or special occasion. If this is your first time using your zzysh® Champagne Preserver, make sure that the cartridge is screwed in tightly inside the hand piece.


Step 1: Seal It. After you’ve had your fix of fizz, seal up the bottle and make sure the clamps are secure.

Step 2: zzysh® It. Connect the hand piece to the stopper and press down for three to five seconds. You’ll hear a zzysh® sound and listo! True to innovation, the hand piece is designed to release gas out of its side once the bottle is full. This prevents the bottle from bursting under too much pressure. Make sure to store your bottle upright and chilled.


Step 3: Enjoy. Again and again! As long as you do steps 1 and 2, you’ll be able to savor the moment whenever you’d like.

A Few More Tips

  • If you’re having trouble with the stopper, make sure that the logo is facing right-side up. It is essential to securing the clamps around the bottle’s neck. In the case of a specially designed bottle, like some Prosecco bottles, the stopper may not fit. However, this is very rare.
  • Just like with a cork, make sure to hold on to the stopper when reopening. All that pressure will cause it to pop out, so keep hold, as we don’t want any injuries!


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