How to Use zzysh® Wine Preserver


So you’ve got your zzysh® Wine Preserver or you’re about to order, but you’re still not sure on exactly how it works. It’s truly quite simple, so read on to keep your wine fresh!

Thanks to zzysh®, your opened bottle of wine will never go bad again. Take a second to really let that sink in: finally there is a wine preservation device that truly works!

With just three pieces, your wine game will completely change. You won’t have to drink it all just not to waste; and you won’t have to waste because you didn’t want to drink it all. zzysh® Wine Preserver will let you savor wine. Again and again.


What are these magical three pieces?

    1. zzysh® Wine Stopper – This revolutionary wine bottle stopper will seal up nearly all types of one bottles and protect them 100% from oxygen seeping back in. The seal is the real deal.


    1. zzysh® Hand Piece – Smooth, sleek and highly innovative, this Swiss design will not only protect your wine, but also simply looks sharp.


  1. zzysh® Wine Cartridge – This small little cartridge is your wine’s savior. Filled with 100 percent food-grade argon gas, this cartridge will ensure your wine’s color, aromas and flavors are perfectly preserved.

Together, these three pieces work in harmony to create a revolutionary wine preservation system.

How to Use zzysh® Wine Preserver

If this is your first application, unscrew the hand piece to make sure that the cartridge is screwed in nice and tight. Once you’ve done that, you’re ready to go, ready to preserve wine in just three easy steps.


As a preliminary step, and possibly our favorite: open it up! Open your bottle and serve yourself a glass or two. Knowing that you can preserve the wine for weeks will let you appreciate every single sip.

Step 1: Seal it. Once you’ve had your fix, seal the wine back up with our revolutionary zzysh® Wine Stopper.


Step 2: zzysh® it. Connect the hand piece to the stopper and press down for three to five seconds. It’ll sound just like it’s spelled. And viola! Your wine will wait for whenever you’re ready to enjoy another glass. Just be sure to store the bottle upright in the refrigerator.


Step 3: Enjoy. Again and again. Technically, zzysh® really only requires two steps. As long as you do Steps 1 and 2, you’ll have perfectly preserved wine for weeks to come.

Is It Really That Easy?

Yes. It really is.

Perhaps, in very rare cases, your stopper might pop up after zzyshing®. But no worries, your wine will be just fine. All you have to do is quickly remove the top and then place it back on the bottle. Sometimes a bottle’s neck is slightly bigger than normal and this can cause a slight amount of excess pressure. By removing the topper and quickly replacing it, we can eliminate that excess without a problem. Since the protective atmosphere is heavier than air, it’s ok if a little air enters in this process.

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