Impress Your Date with These Ten Wine Facts

wine facts to impress dinner date

Going out on a date and looking for something to talking about over dinner? Look no further, your zzysh® team has you covered.

1. There are more than 5,000 grape varieties around the world. Some even estimate there are up to 10,000, no one really know for sure. No matter what, it’s a fact that you could technically drink a new wine every day for years and years!

2. There are several methods to making sparkling wine. In fact, there are six major methods, but the two most common are the Traditional Method (Champenoise) and the Tank Method (Charmat).

With the traditional method, the second fermentation takes place in the bottle. Cava and Champagne will always be made by traditional method. Many others also use this method and you’ll almost always be able to tell by reading the label.

The tank method makes sparkling wine much more feasible, as the second fermentation is done in tank. Italians always make Prosecco this way, as well as the majority of those producing affordable sparkling wines.

3. Temperature is very important. If a wine’s too cold, it will feel tight and you’ll miss all the lovely aromas and flavours. Too hot, and the alcohol will be overpower the fruit and literally feel hot in the mouth. So that idea of heating your wine by the fire…yeah, don’t do that, it’s a myth. Here is the breakdown:

  • Sparkling Wine – Ice Cold. You’ll want to serve a sparkling around 38-50º F (5-10º C).
  • White Wine – Refrigerated. White wines should be around 44-57º F (7-14º C).
  • Light Red – Chilled. Keep light reds such as Pinot Noir, Grenache, etc. around 53-63º F (12-17º C).
  • Big Reds – Cool. This is the one that usually surprises people, the fact that reds should be served around 63-69º F (17-21º C).

The fact is, as soon as the wine enters your glass, it’s going to immediately start warming. So keep it slightly cooler than you might think and always hold your glass by the stem.




4. An open bottle can last for more than 2-3 days. It’s true! Wine can be savoured on your time. Meet zzysh®. A revolutionary Swiss innovation, the zzysh® Wine Preserver can keep your wine fresh for up to six months. The secret? Argon gas and a sleek design that will allow you to savour each and every glass. Click here to find out more.

5. The Vatican LOVES wine. Fun fact: Out of all countries, the Vatican consumes the most amount of wine per capita, 74 litres per person to be exact.

6. Smelling is more important than tasting. The nose is your best tool when it comes to drinking wine. It is a widely accepted fact that much of what we perceive in the mouth actually comes from what we detect in the nose, up to 80 percent. So don’t skip the swirl and smell when looking to analyze wine.

7. There are Old World and New World wines. There are two major categories of wine: Old World, which is basically Europe, where making wine was born. And New World, which is everything else, such as Australia, the United States, Chile, Argentina and South Africa, amongst others. The differences in taste and style is for another conversation.

8. Most wine is for drinking now. You should drink the majority of wine you find on the shelf soon after you buy it. We often have this romantic idea of drinking old wines, thinking they must be better and more complex. But the truth is, only a small percentage of very fine wines actually benefit from excessive aging.

9. It’s the skins that make a red wine red. Only a few grapes actually have red juice. The majority of grapes produce clear juice, both red and white. In order to make red wine, producers leave the skins in contact with the juice, which also contributes to tannins and healthy antioxidants.

10. “Cheers” comes from the Ancient Greeks. Many have probably heard that toasting drinks comes from olden times when people clinked glasses to avoid being poisoned. However, historical evidence points back to the Greeks, who would toast in an offering of booze to the Gods and drink to each other’s health.

So Cheers to that and knowing a little more about wine!