zzysh® is Revolutionising Wine By the Glass

zzysh is revolutionising wine menus

We’re always talking about zzysh® being the ideal wine preservation system for households and individuals, but what about restaurants and […]

If You’re Studying Wine, You Need zzysh®

zzysh perfect for people studying wine

Opening and tasting bottle after bottle might sound awesome, but those studying wine will assure you it can be quite […]

zzysh®, the Perfect Gift for Him

zzysh the perfect gift for him

When it comes to buying for someone special, we’re always looking for that perfect something special. And though we have […]

Wine waste statistics for the UK


Here at zzysh®, we hate nothing more than wine waste. It’s a sad fact that in the UK, people are […]

Five Fun Facts About The Bubbles in Champagne


Nothing gets the party started like the pop of a Champagne cork (or any sparkling wine, for that matter). It’s […]

Ways to tell that your wine has gone bad


Wine can be a mysterious drink at the best of times. The vast majority of us wine fans are by […]