Pairing Pumpkin Soup with Wine

wine and pumpkin soup pairings

As Halloween approaches, pumpkins are popping up in stores all over the globe.

Apart from their fun decorative uses, pumpkins add great flavour to food. One of our favourite dishes is pumpkin soup, and below are a few wine pairings to make a delicious fall meal.

Wine and soup is always complicated pair, as liquids with liquids can seem a bit unappealing. But with wine, all things are possible, even great pumpkin soup pairings.

First up is your classic creamy pumpkin soup. The spices and rich texture love a fresh, bold Chardonnay. Look for one the can pull its weight without compromising too much acidity. Considering the inevitable sweetness that a pumpkin presents, a voluptuous Viognier could also be a nice option.

If you like a little kick, try a southwest pumpkin soup with a bottle of Cava. The spice will warm you right up on a cool, fall day, and the crisp bubbles will leave your palate feeling fresh. Other sparkling wines could also work, as long as they lean more toward Champagne-style bubbles and less of a sweeter Prosecco style.

For a pumpkin soup that plays on Asian flavours, such as this Thai pumpkin soup, a dry Riesling will do wonders. Anything with coconut, curry and ginger will combine beautifully with Riesling’s bright aromatic profile. Gewürtztraminer also has enough body and richness to pair with this style.




Though the cooler temperatures might make you lean toward reds, we urge you to try fuller-bodied whites when it comes to pumpkin soup. If you have your heart set on a red, pick something with low tannins and a juicy palate.

Of course if you start adding other ingredients, such as sausage or lentils, textures change and reds could be more suitable. A spiced pumpkin sausage soup pairs very nice with a Zinfandel that pops with preserved fruit flavours and spices. A smooth Sangiovese would also work.


pumpkin soup and wine

Pumpkin Soup, a Fall Dinner Party Hit

As the window of opportunity for fresh, flavourful pumpkin is rather short, one must take advantage of this seasonal ingredient as much as possible. One of the pumpkin soups mentioned above would make a great first course for your next fall gathering.




pumpkin soup and zzysh

Serving the soup with a weightier white before moving on to the main course and a bolder red will keep textures interesting and palates happy. Thanks to zzysh®, we can plan on serving each guest a glass without worrying about wasting the rest. Fall weather can be fickle, and surely you’ll find another occasion in the coming weeks to finish off the bottle. In the meantime, just seal the bottle with your zzysh® Wine Stopper, zzysh® it and carry on.

Happy fall sipping!