Seven Reasons Why You Should Preserve your Opened Wine


Most laugh at the notion, claiming they never find themselves in such a situation. And it’s true, an unfinished bottle of wine is less common, but nonetheless, it does happen. In fact, maybe it should happen a little more often, and here are seven reasons why:

1. Food Deserves It.

Ever find yourself with a cooked-to-perfection steak while finishing off that Cava you opened earlier? You didn’t want that fruity, fresh aperitif to go bad by opening the bold Malbec you’d been saving.

A good meal deserves the right partner in wine. Though sparkling wine is quite versatile pairing-wise, some meals simply crave rich, round reds. Nowadays there are ways to preserve that crisp effervescence without costing an arm and a leg. For example, zzysh® Champagne can make several bottles be as bubbly as the day they were opened for less than $100. So now you can have your Malbec and drink it too. And if you can’t finish that bottle, there’s a device for that as well!

2. Diversity is Good Thing.

Sometimes it’s fun to try a little bit of everything. Say you’re having friends over and want to hold an impromptu tasting. If you finish each bottle as you go, things could get a little sloppy and the wines near the end —usually those delicious, big reds— won’t get the attention they deserve.

Better to serve a little of each at first and then let everyone pour a glass from their favorite bottle after. Some bottles will empty right away, but you can probably expect leftovers. By having a proper wine preservation system, that simply means more for you for later.

3. Because Things Come Up.

John Lennon said it best, “Life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans.” Things come up, schedules change, and that bottle you saved for tomorrow or the day after could very well end up going down the drain. And what a shame!

Life happens, so why take a chance when you can immediately preserve that buttery Chardonnay and save yourself the heartache of possibly losing it? Just zzysh® it and enjoy it whenever you get a moment.


4. One Glass Was Enough.

There are some wines where one glass will do it. Ever been able to polish off a bottle of aged Sauternes in one sitting? It’s like having two servings of dessert…you could, but you shouldn’t. All the same, you can’t waste it! As it’s definitely worth opening, just preserve it and save it for your next sweet treat.

5. Craftiness Isn’t Your Thing.

Oh sure, you could use that wine-gone-bad for syrups, jellies or vinegars, but wouldn’t another glass of the good stuff be better? Just zzysh® it and leave the DIY to those who didn’t get it right.

And if you’re thinking about letting it go bad to use for cooking later, we’re not convinced that’s such a good idea. Do you really want to cook with something you wouldn’t drink?

6. For Health’s Sake.

A glass of wine a day can do a body good. Cheers to that! But like all good things in life, the secret is in moderation. In the name of not wasting a drop, there are two outcomes: You drink a little too much to finish off the bottle, or you deprive yourself of a glass to not have to worry about it. Neither is a good option when you have a way to preserve anything you open. So for your health’s sake, have your glass, seal the bottle and have another tomorrow or the next day.

7. Aromas and Flavors Will Thank You.

You just couldn’t finish the bottle, we get it.

You will thank properly preserving that Pinot a few days later when all of its intoxicating fresh berry aromas and balanced mouth are just like the day you opened it. The keyword here is properly. Most wine professionals will agree that the best way to preserve a wine is with device that uses argon gas, which acts as a neutral magician, blanketing the wine and saying adios to oxygen.

And as a bonus tip, old wines and natural wines will also thank you. Both are much more fragile and can collapse rather quickly, so even if you’re thinking of finishing it off tomorrow, you’re going to want something that will keep it fresh, aromatic and most importantly, tasty.

We could go on and on…

The point is that it pays to preserve. Because one thing we can all agree upon is that dull, apple-cider like whites, or flat, dried out and bitter reds are a crime!