Wine Preferences Between Men and Women


When it comes to wine, there are a lot of gender stereotypes. They say men are from Merlot and women are from Moscato, but are we really that different? Research says probably not.


We’ve all heard the clichéd thinking that women like lighter, sweeter wines while men prefer big, bold and prestigious. Or that sparkling and rosé wines are for women, and men only go for the reds.

But research (and common sense) says otherwise. In a recent study published by the Journal of Wine Economics, they conclude that there is no identifiable difference in wine preferences between men and women. They do acknowledge the more than 40 studies that give evidence to men and women having different taste preferences when it comes to sweet, salt, sour, bitter and fruit, among others, however, none of those consider wine.

They author, Jeffrey Bodington, analysed judges from 23 wine tastings, a healthy mix of male and female participants. And while individual preferences varied quite a bit, there were absolutely no patterns by gender.

“Within a maelstrom of idiosyncratic and random variation in expressions of preference for wines tasted in a realistic setting, there is little difference between genders’ relative preferences. This finding may be due to a combination of similarities in taste physiology and psychology and to covariates, such as cultural environment, experience, education, and self-selection toward an interest in wine,” writes Bodignton.


But what about normal, everyday drinkers?

It seems only right that professional wine tasters would be less likely to stereotype, but do more casual drinkers differ?

Again, there is no evidence that backs up the thinking that women like whites more, and men love their reds more. Perhaps wine marketing would lead us to believe otherwise, but at the end of the day, gender wine preferences do not exist.

According the Nielson, a renowned wine research and statistics firm, Cabernet Sauvignon is the United State’s preferred wine among both men and women. And in general, both American men and women prefer reds slightly more than whites.

So leave the stereotypes out of it.

We’re always saying that taste is personal and varies greatly between one another, so let’s just leave it at that.

Wine preference is individual, not male or female.

Men can just as well enjoy a vivacious sparkling wine, and women a meaty Malbec. Red, white or rosé, wines have no gender.

Women are better tasters.

Now just because there is no difference in preference doesn’t mean that we are equal in tasting abilities.

It is a widely accepted fact that women are better tasters than men, especially throughout their fertile years. Scientific research continuously points to women being more sensitive to tastes and smells.

Esteemed wine critic Robert Parker has often said his wife is a better taster than he is…


So Just Taste and Be Happy

Once we leave these gender myths behind, we can focus on the most important part of wine: sharing and savouring.

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