How zzysh® Can Change Your Wine Drinking Experience


This is the golden era of the wine gadget. From cooling devices to smart decanters, electric corkscrews, aerators and everything in between, things have never been better for wine lovers. And the beauty of it is that these wine gadgets can completely transform your wine drinking experience from start to finish and allow you to the best bang for your buck.


If you’re anything like us, you’re mad about wine. Maybe it’s a single glass during the week or a couple on the weekends, but whatever the amount, wine is a regular part of your life. But what do you do with the rest of the bottle when it is just the odd glass you’re enjoying at home with dinner?

Serious wine friends know it’s practically a crime to throw out perfectly good wine. What happens if you want to save your remaining wine for next weekend? Recorking it, popping it in the fridge, these are temporary solutions at best. If you want to save your wine and make sure it’s as fresh and tasty as when you first opened it, there’s only one way to go – a wine preservation system. zzysh® offers you the best option for keeping your wine delicious and ready to drink up to several weeks while not breaking your bank.

What can zzysh® do for you?

Innovative wine tech meets a gorgeous design in the easy to use zzysh® system. After you’ve had your fill of wine, all you have to do is close the zzysh® stopper over the bottle, attach the ultra-sleek handpiece to it, then press down. Within seconds, argon gas fills the empty space in the bottle and acts as a shield between your wine and oxygen. What you get in return is perfectly preserved wine.


This opens up the opportunity to enjoy different styles of wine throughout the week without fear of having your wines go off and being forced to throw them out. You can explore new varieties unfettered by the constraints of lesser preservation systems that leave you with spoiled wine after a few days. In short, it’s a great way to learn more about wine! It also allows you to pair different wines with different dishes – ideal for when you’re entertaining friends or for a romantic home-cooked dinner for two.

For folks in the wine industry, zzysh® offers a way to keep wines fresh and tasting great so you can offer your clientele the very best, glass after glass. Because zzysh® is far more effective than vacuum pumps, you can guarantee that your wines will be one hundred percent free of oxygen and that every glass you pour will be as consistent and high-quality as the first while reducing the amount of wine you have to get rid of for the sake of quality control.

On top of never having to worry about wasting wine, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that whenever you’re ready to reopen the bottle, it’ll be as if you’re opening it for the first time. Brilliant aromas, vibrant flavors, and absolutely no loss of quality. What more could you ask for? The beauty of zzysh® is that it allows you to revisit an opened wine as often as you like – at least until the bottle is finished! And that is something that every oenophile can get behind.