Why zzysh® is the ideal gift for wine lovers


Buying gifts for wine lovers can be difficult. Do you opt for a bottle of wine that might miss the mark, a wine accessory that ends up at the back of a drinks cabinet… or an effective gift that allows them to enjoy fine wine for longer?


The days are growing shorter, the leaves have started falling from the trees. It’s that time of year again; when our minds turn to gift-gifting, spending time with our loved ones, and – of course – the kinds of wines that suit the colder days of the year.

However, knowing what kinds of gifts to buy for wine lovers isn’t as easy at it may first seem. There are hundreds of thousands of wines out there in the world, after all. Everyone has their own preferences, likes and dislikes… and nobody enjoys being presented with a mediocre bottle of wine, grabbed at the last minute and hastily wrapped, or something which doesn’t suit their particular tastes.


 wine preserver christmas gift


If you’re the sort of person who really cares about giving gifts that really make a difference, you’ll be pleased to hear that zzysh® has the perfect gift solution for the wine fan in your life. Sounds interesting? Read on to find out more!


Wine lovers: Buy them a gift that lasts

If there’s a special wine lover in your life, the chances are they’re going to be happy with almost any wine-related gift at any time of year. However, wine fans aren’t always the easiest people to buy for – especially if they’re the kind of person who takes their vino seriously.

Sure, you could opt for a great bottle of aged red wine, or a decent Champagne. Both are guaranteed to give the recipient some real pleasure and enjoyment… but how long is their delight going to last? If they share the bottle among their friends (and you – the giver – if you’re lucky), then it’ll probably last for as long as it takes to drink a glass or two. If they drink alone… well, unless they polish off the whole bottle in the evening, the chances are they’ll have a couple of glasses, and then the bottle may be left unfinished, and may quickly turn bad.

There are plenty of wine trinkets and accessories out there which also make fairly good gifts, too…. But if you’re looking to really impress a wine fan with your oenological knowledge and willingness to make them happy, then there’s no doubt about the fact that a zzysh® wine preservation system is the best way forwards.


champagne preserver christmas gift

Delight the wine lover in your life with zzysh®

Gifting a zzysh® wine preservation system is essentially presenting your loved one with prolonged enjoyment of fine wine – and who wouldn’t be happy to receive that? With zzysh®, your friend or family member can keep their wine or champagne fresh for weeks after opening, meaning they can return to a favourite bottle time and again, with no worries about it turning bad due to oxidation.

It’s an intelligent response to an age-old problem that wine lovers are more than familiar with. Once a bottle of wine is opened (especially those aged red wines and fine champagnes we all love so much), it quickly begins to degrade as a result of exposure to air. A zzysh® wine or champagne preserver is guaranteed to keep those wines fresh for considerably longer than any regular bottle stopper or vacuum pump, meaning the joy of drinking a beautifully made wine can last longer than ever before. Doesn’t that sound like the ideal wine gift?


The zzysh® wine and champagne preservation systems work by directly addressing the main cause of wines turning bad: the effects of oxidation on the wine itself. The simple-yet-effective inert gas capsules fill the empty space in your wine bottle with either argon, or a combination of argon and carbon dioxide. This protects the surface of the wine, and stops oxidation dead in its tracks, and yet has no adverse effect whatsoever on your beloved vino. It’s an elegant approach, and one which the recipient of this fantastic wine gift will immediately be able to see the benefit of.

Prolong the pleasure of drinking fine wine with zzysh® – what better wine gift could there be?